New Official Site:

15 06 2014

Hey, everyone! I am launching my new all-inclusive website, TIMID Studios, and I’d like you all to check it out. This will be the new official home for my blog, my webcomic The Garage, and all other creative works including miscellaneous comics, writings and more.

Through the magic of WordPress, I should be able to migrate all of this blog’s current followers over to the new site and you shouldn’t have to do anything to continue receiving the updates. If this is not the case (i.e. if new stuff doesn’t show in the next couple of days), please let me know. I will not be updating this current site with new content any more.

While there is some older stuff that has been moved over there already, new content will begin appearing on TIMID Studios tomorrow (Monday) or late tonight.

Thanks for reading the blog and I hope you continue to enjoy all of the new stuff!


Assembling My Fictional Police Force

19 09 2013
When I start my own city (which ranks somewhere in the top 10 on my bucket list), it’s gonna need a little law & order. So, as Supreme Eternal UberMayor, I’ll insist on assembling the police force myself. And here’s my initial selection, all of whom will be willed into existence from their fictional sources.

The Boss

Commissioner Jim Gordon

A great peace keeping organization needs a strong leader at the top. For that reason, I passed over Chief Wiggum in favor of Commissioner Gordon. He’s smart, he’s scrupulous, he’s tenacious and he rocks a mustache like few others can. Plus, he’s gone toe-to-toe with some pretty powerful foes at times and still shows up to work every day undeterred. Despite rumors about his lax approach to vigilante-ism, I have the utmost faith in Gordon. Plus, as an added bonus, his daughter can set up our IT department.


The Brass

Lieutenant Frank Drebin

…is unconventional, and quite possibly senile. But he always manages to get his man (or woman). He knows how to talk to people. He knows how to get the best from the officers that serve under him. And, really, he makes me laugh. I think that’s what a police lieutenant really needs to succeed in my department.

The Detectives

Detective SomersetDetective Lt. William Somerset

A seasoned professional, perpetually at the end of his career, but always sticking around to give the rookies some insight or advice. Given the number of serial killers likely to be active in my city at any given time, I think Detective Somerset will come in quite handy. Plus, I really like how he spends most of his free time in the library reading Dante and going over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore. And I really, really enjoy hearing his dulcet tones on my voicemail when he calls to update me on his most current manhunt.


Detective Lt. Columbo

Like his fellow Lieutenant Drebin, Columbo is unconventional. But he’s unconventional like a fox. Disheveled, scatter-brained, wrapped in a cloak of cigar smoke — these are red herrings that Det. Columbo uses to slip under the suspect’s defenses. My only complaint is how long our meetings last. Seems there’s always “just one more thing…”

The Beat Cops

1196754248_1Officer John McClane

Oh, what can I say about him? Yes, it’s obvious he doesn’t want to be here. And yet he keeps going, trudging along day after day, writing tickets and single-handedly taking down teams of terrorists (the city will just be rotten with them). Once we finally train him to wear shoes and possibly put a uniform on over his blood-stained wife-beater, he’ll be quite the officer.

Officer Jim Malone

You can’t go wrong with someone who served with the fictional Elliott Ness, even if that Elliott Ness was played by Kevin Costner. I’m hiring him mainly to give the inspirational speech to the other officers every morning: “They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one his to the morgue.” That Scottish brogue is amazing.


Officer T-1000

For most lesser police departments, an officer like John McClane or Martin Riggs would serve as the loose cannon. But not Jeremytown. Our loose cannon can actually transform himself into a cannon. He is, of course, none other than T-1000. Once we can corral his homicidal tendencies toward John Connor, and insist he pursue his personal vendettas on his own time, he’ll make a fantastic officer. He’s dedicated, focused like a laser, and can morph into whoever we need – including the department’s helicopter pilot. Just remember, if you’re pulled over for speeding and Officer T-1000 asks you if you’ve seen “this boy”, just say no. You’ll probably be okay.


All in all, I feel like this is a great, take-no-guff, be-sure-to-have-lots-of-insurance-policies-on-the-city-infrastructure police department. And if you don’t like it, you can get out of my town.

Calling All Hipstrs

5 09 2013

Hello, wonderful people. Sorry I haven’t posted here in a little while.

Things are really popping around Jeremy Central and I’m going to make this a quick post to get you up to speed. First, I’ve been asked to take part in Geek Month over at CheekyGeeks, where I have contributed some exclusive comics for the festivities. The first week is Fantasy themed, so the three comics I contributed are all along that theme, including an original Garage comic that cannot be seen anywhere else.

Second, I’ve launched HipstrStash, through my TIMID Studios brand. It’s a review and recommendation site for all the best in independent creative media. Music, movies/videos, podcasts, art, comics, writing — you name it, if it’s created by an independent person or persons, we want to cover it. I hope you’ll check it out and, if you’re creating something please drop us a line to point us to it.

Lastly, I just posted a new short story to my Little Artifacts blog. And, of course, I’m continuing the weekday adventures of The Garage.

Whew! If you have access to additional time I could buy, or even a machine to stop time, I’d really appreciate it!

Thanks for following along!

The Shack May Be Abandoned, But The Stove Still Works

19 08 2013

The Abandoned Shack's Working Stove It may have been a bit presumptuous to think that I could do a daily doodle update, while working a full-time job, doing a daily comic strip, and trying to get some writing done. I have been sketching and doodling most days, but nothing worth putting up for the world to see.

So, I will certainly take the time to post any work that I do deem worthy, and I hope that will be on a fairly frequent basis – but probably not daily. I will also try to continue putting some kind of interesting thoughts and/or updates here on the self-titled blog.

As for this doodle, I really don’t use pen-on-paper very often without having a lot of pencil work down first so I decided to give it a shot. I certainly miss the opportunity to erase mistakes but I do like how it forces me to slow down and be more deliberate in where I’m placing my lines.

Anyway, I hope you like it and I hope I can get something else up in the next few days. Thanks!

Semi-Daily Doodle 005

16 08 2013


Daily Doodle 004

15 08 2013

DailyDoodle004WebSorry, I tend to overlap on my doodles. I like to squeeze as much out of each page of my sketchbook as possible, but I’ll try to get better about that.

Daily Doodle 003

13 08 2013

Daily Doodle 003