Daily Doodle 002

13 08 2013


I recently watched The Avengers again on Netflix, with my sketchpad in my lap, and by the time I was done enjoying the movie, this doodle had appeared on the page. These are the stars of The Garage in Avengers cosplay.


Daily Doodle 001

13 08 2013

I’m staying pretty busy doing a Monday through Friday webcomic at The Garage and I have recently started a blog devoted to short stories at Little Artifacts, but I’m still interested in becoming a better cartoonist, and a better artist more generally. To that end, I’m going to try to post daily doodles to this site. Hopefully it will be enough incentive to ensure that I do some kind of ‘directionless’ drawing practice everyday.

These aren’t doodles done today, but they were done in the recent past and I have added them to prime the pump, so to speak.


The Garage: The Webcomic

25 05 2013

Once again, I’ve gone a while without putting anything on here. And I make no promises to change. Instead, I’m going to point you to my new blog where I am posting a webcomic called The Garage. I hope you enjoy it!